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No More Roller Grill Burns
hotdogstands wrote in dogrollergrills
One of the all time favorite snacks is the hot dog. Although we all like eating them and even generating them for friends and family we do not a lot like burning our hands on hot dog roller grills or generating a mess to clean up when we ought to be enjoying our time off. There are steps though to protect ourselves from obtaining hurt or spending as well much time cleaning.

1. Proper Clothing
A common mistake that many people make although cooking is not wearing correct clothes like fire resistant aprons. Clothes that is as well loose and flowing can easily catch hearth. Not only can this hurt you but can potentially cause damage to your business or even our customers. Try to wear appropriate protective clothes or at the extremely least protective coverings you can wear over your clothes.

2. Cut off Power
When putting anything inside the cooker or removing the hot dog from the cooker, reduce off the energy supply. This would ensure that you will find no chances of a fire or electric shock. The steam would also stop and you would prevent your self from obtaining burnt.

3. Safety equipment
Put on gloves or use proper kitchenware when cooking franks. Don't touch hot meals with your bare hands and instead use either with the above mentioned things. Besides saving you from obtaining burnt this would decrease the risk of meals contamination.

4. Use standardized equipments
You will find certain standards which any company generating cookers should follow. If feasible go for a standardized product or a branded one. These products come with manufacturer guarantees and extra warranties are obtainable for purchase.

5. Place of Cooking
Choose a location for cooking that is within the open i.e. well ventilated and free of debris that might catch fire or contaminate you food. Try to prepare meals in a kitchen or other sanitary facility.


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