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Roller Grill Your Hot Dogs
hotdogstands wrote in dogrollergrills
The hot dog franchise is quite well-liked within the United States. Many individuals who shift from daytime 8-hour employment to operating their own business opt for food concession. But prior to you go and head on the same path, you must know the different methods of cooking franks.

Some people in a specific community or state prefer their dogs grilled while some want them deep fried. Others chose their dogs to become steamed or boiled. And for you to much better understand these variations here is really a list of basic kinds of cooking frankfurters.


In almost any location in the US, most with the hot dog carts you'll discover are griller carts. Many individuals choose their dogs to become grilled. In spite of this, health departments in numerous cities need any food sold on the streets to be either boiled or steamed.

Obviously, grilling foods could be a little messy and might really trigger health problems. Cooking meals over direct heat promotes the development of carcinogens that trigger cancer.

Deep fried

Deep fried franks are much preferred by wiener lovers within the northeast. They're typically served "All the Way," the combination of three condiments - spicy brown mustard, chopped onions and meat sauce very like chili.

Simmered or boiled

Among the most well-liked way of cooking and vending franks is boiling or simmering. In this process, hot dogs are boiled in boiler carts. They can be kept in the boiling h2o for an extended period of time and be served anytime. Boiler carts are ideal for food cart owners who wish to dispose their supplies in one day.

With a spacious hot water tank that may accommodate dozens of wieners, several customers can be served almost readily and fairly fast. Nevertheless, you need to change the water as frequently as possible to retain the taste and freshness of the franks.


Unlike boiled dogs, steamed frankfurters are not cooked in boiling h2o. Thus, the cart must be equipped having a steamer. This steamer is the punched sheet placed over the boiling water, where the dogs are placed to become steamed and cooked. And since dogs are not tossed within the boiling water, there's no have to change the h2o. Nevertheless, the steamer should be kept clean.


A deluxe cart is much like the AOTA (all with the above) options. To satisfy the varying preferences and taste with the clients, a deluxe cart is equipped with boiler, steamer, grill roller as well as built-in coolers for the beverages. The steamer is also designed to maintain buns fresh.

So, which dog individual are you? Are you much more of a steamed frankfurters kind of person or do you much like it boiled or grilled? This can help you determine which hot dog cart you ought to buy.


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